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Southampton Pedals All Things Equal Buffer/Boost Pedal

Price: $219.99

The All Things Equal is a high-quality always-on buffer with two volume channels.  Step on the switch to toggle between the "Blue" and "Red" channels.  The All Things Equal can be used as a volume boost, a mute switch, or to even out pickups (humbuckers and singlecoils, anyone?).  The All Things Equal is truly transparent, and a great way to bring your signal to life before long cable runs or large pedalboards.

On top of all that, the "Clean/Dirty" switch puts our classic Fifth Gear Overdrive in the front end of the All Things Equal to act as an always on dirty tone.  We figured so many people were leaving their Fifth Gears on all the time, may as well build it in!  The gain of the Fifth Gear is set by an internal trim pot.

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