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Fender .com Fender .com - Fender has all o the goodies!

Check out the products from Fender at their website: www.fender.comWe have the best selection of Fender guitars and amps and acoustics with full in-store "SERVICE" and lessons to boot...

Fender Mexican Jazz Bass Fender Mexican Jazz Bass -
Fender has one the finest playing jazz bass guitars made. The jazz pickups give a great bright mid range tone that players are after. The neck has a super fine feel to it. It's a number one seller and we have them in stock ,set up to go..

Fender P Bass Packs Fender P Bass Packs - One super pak!

One of the best ways to get started playing bass is the Fender complete p-bass guitar package. It includes a Fender P bass guitar, amp cable, bag, strap and more and all set up and ready to go.If you see and like it, don't wait till they're gone.

Fender Squire Bronco Bass Fender Squire Bronco Bass - Ag great starter light bass.

Here we go again with one of the coolist starter bass guitars from Fender. For the beginner, it has a short scale neck, very comfortable, plays like a dream.

Fender U.S. Jazz Bass Fender U.S. Jazz Bass - The real deal !

Here is the all time monster of Bass Guitars This is the one and only Fender U.S. Jazz Bass. It's the real affordable pro bass out there. Virtually hand finished and hand rolled neck edges make this guitar feel like a million bucks.